Inception Of Eternity with extended line-up and the announcement of a second album!

Singer SINtana and guitarist Marc Vanderberg as permanent musicians on second album!

The German-American Gothic Rock Act Inception Of Eternity expands the existing line-up with the engagement of the Fulda singer SINtana and the Bad Nauheim guitarist Marc Vanderberg. While SINtana and Vanderberg only performed as guests on the first album„Into Darkness“, both musicians will contribute significantly more to the second album with the working title „Last Exit to the Past“.

„I am delighted to be on board for this project and will do my utmost to ensure that the next album will seamlessly follow on from the success of the first album“, says SINtana.

Vanderberg adds: „The songs recorded so far sound extremely powerful. It is exciting to see musicians of different genres bringing their musical influences to the songs“.

„Last Exit to the Past“ will be a melodic Gothic Rock album. While SINtana and Ken provide perfect vocals, Marc’s solos round off the songs. The album is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2021 and it is also planned to release a single at the beginning of the year.“, says mastermind Thorsten Eligehausen.