Cyanbaal: Second album release „Life Without Exit“ on March 22 via darkSIGN-Records

(From overweight angels, bomber pilots and cultists)

Cyanbaal „Life Without Exit“

After the recently released first album „Living Tunnel“ in January 2019 (not on label) „Life Without Exit“ is the second album which was released under the label darkSIGN Records.

With this album Cyanbaal also delivers some more catchy and more clearly structured, danceable songs that have lost nothing of their bizarre, dark atmosphere. Still the listener dives through a veil into the fantastic, obscure and sometimes romantic world of Cyanbaal.

Driving beats, hard percussions and woven surfaces accompany you through the eerie stories of lost beings who seek their salvation in dark religions or drug addiction. The last hours of a pilot in World War II, the story of a broken-hearted man who gets lost in his life, but also the humorous story of an overweight guardian angel will be accompanied by sounds that create fantastic images in your head.

Typical for Cyanbaal, also in this album, is the wide spectrum of vocals. Sometimes it is the deep voice of Patrick M. that captures you and sometimes the boyish, innocent voice of Zattna Uhm that accompanies you into this bizarre world.