darkSIGN-RECORDS releases brand new hot piece of music!

darkSIGN-RECORDS releases brand new hot piece of music!

darkSIGN – RECORDS is proud to present the first single „Even Heros Fall“ from the collaborative effort ELI VAN PIKE.


Who or what is Eli Van Pike?

It started with an idea of Thorsten Eligehausen, owner of the small German record label “darkSIGN-RECORDS” and founder / producer of the music projects “Cradle of Haze”, “Schandpfahl” & “Narcotic Elements”. He wanted to produce his own cover version of the classic “Simon & Garfunkel” song The Sound of Silence but, in a new and different way….a little more metal you could say.

At first Thorsten wanted to release the song under the name of his project “Cradle of Haze” featuring Marc and Ken but, during production he realized that the three of them were going to create a completely new and awesome sound. They decided that this song should be released under a new project name. It was a little bit difficult to find a name for this project until Marc came upon the idea to use parts of the names of the project members – ELI VAN PIKE was born!

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While Ken, Marc and Thorsten waits on the seemingly endless permanent authorization to publish the song of Simon & Garfunkel they decided to reinterpret and publish an old song of Ken.

„Even Heros Fall“

Even Heros Fall was originally released by the U.S. based heavy metal band Absolon on their debut CD „Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart“.  ELI VAN PIKE has reworked and rearranged the song making it bigger, heavier and more epic. Ken Pike, the writer of the song, says „This version is how I originally heard this song, how I envisioned it should sound. These guys nailed it“.

From 02 September 2016 available in all major online stores!

The alternative orchestra version is only available on darkSIGN-RECORDs Bandcamp-Page:

12 August 2016 News

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