Marc Vanderberg: Third studio album „Phoenix from the Ashes“ was released on March 29

Marc Vanderberg about his new album  „Phoenix from the Ashes“

“Phoenix from the Ashes” –my third studio album; like malmsteen´s “Trilogy” or europe´s “The final Countdown”. i never worked so hard on any other album and never bothered my music-mate thorsten (who is doing the mixing and mastering) so often like on this album. “Phoenix” is really different from “Devil may Care” or “Highway Demon”. While “Highway Demon” was more like a band-like album with just one singer, i used again different singers on “Phoenix” like i did on my first album. i worked again with goran edman, which is always a lot of fun because goran has always great ideas of making a song sound better. moreover i also worked again with paulo cuevas on three songs. also featured on this Album is raphael gazal who sung all the songs of “Highway Demon”. On “Bad Blood” and on the title track “Phoenix from the Ashes” oliver monroe is doing the vocals. Also featured on vocals is chris divine and tave wanning who sung the song “This Romance”. if you listen to my first album, you will recognize, that chris and tave also did the song “Smoking kills”. and last but not least, mr. philipp meier of the rock act ´fire rose´ is singing the song “Warsong”. philipp is a recommendation from michael schäfer, radio host of metal crash radio. very good recommendation by the way. moreover there are two guitar players, who did solos on my album. on “Bitter Symphony” you can hear dustin tomsen. on “Phoenix from the Ashes”, michael schinkel is playing the guitar solo. so, as you can see, i brought together some really nice and talented people, who did a great job on my album. the making of was very hard. after i wrote the songs and recorded my parts, thorsten put everything together, mixed and mastered. but – i was not really happy with the sound. so i talked to thorsten that we need to sound different from what we had so far. alright, so far, so good, so what? i started changing drum pattern, tried new sounds on my guitar, sent thorsten re-recorded guitars and was not happy again, and again, … but i wanted to have the best and powerful sound with the equipment we used and i felt, that it could sound better. so, thorsten and i had together a vision of the – as we call it – “Vandy-Sound” and while he invested in a studio ipdate, i had some more time to change guitar sounds and record it again. and finally, there it was. The new “Vandy-Sound” we both felt comfortable with. that was the main reason, why i didn´t want to release the album earlier. we really questioned everything on that album: sound, production, singers, songwriting. so, my third album is really loaded with lots of pain and sweat and with great and powerful songs. i hope you enjoy it very much.



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Cyanbaal: Second album release „Life Without Exit“ on March 22 via darkSIGN-Records

(From overweight angels, bomber pilots and cultists)

Cyanbaal „Life Without Exit“

After the recently released first album „Living Tunnel“ in January 2019 (not on label) „Life Without Exit“ is the second album which was released under the label darkSIGN Records.

With this album Cyanbaal also delivers some more catchy and more clearly structured, danceable songs that have lost nothing of their bizarre, dark atmosphere. Still the listener dives through a veil into the fantastic, obscure and sometimes romantic world of Cyanbaal.

Driving beats, hard percussions and woven surfaces accompany you through the eerie stories of lost beings who seek their salvation in dark religions or drug addiction. The last hours of a pilot in World War II, the story of a broken-hearted man who gets lost in his life, but also the humorous story of an overweight guardian angel will be accompanied by sounds that create fantastic images in your head.

Typical for Cyanbaal, also in this album, is the wide spectrum of vocals. Sometimes it is the deep voice of Patrick M. that captures you and sometimes the boyish, innocent voice of Zattna Uhm that accompanies you into this bizarre world.



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German Gothic-Rock-Act Cradle of Haze releases 11th studio album „Sirenen“

Nach vier Jahren Kreativpause veröffentlichen Cradle of Haze ihr neues Album `Sirenen´

Delligsen, 15. September 2017: Der deutsche Gothik-Rock-Act Cradle of Haze meldet sich nach seiner vierjährigen kreativen Pause mit dem Album ´Sirenen´ zurück in die Szene. Das 14 Songs umfassende Album besticht durch straighte Rhythmen, scharfe Gitarrenriffs, eingängige Melodien und Texte, die das Leben reflektieren. „Mit `Sirenen` wird die bisher erfolgreiche Cradle of Haze Geschichte weitererzählt. Das Album verarbeitet teils persönliche Erfahrungen, teils gesellschaftskritische Aspekte, denen wir tagtäglich ausgesetzt sind“, so Eligehausen, kreativer Kopf von Cradle of Haze.

After four years of creative pause, Cradle of Haze release their new album `Sirenen‘

Delligsen, September 15, 2017: After the four-year creative break, German gothic rock act Cradle of Haze returns to the scene with the album ‚Sirenen‘. The 14 songs comprehensive album features striking rhythms, sharp guitar riffs, catchy melodies and lyrics that reflect life. „With ‚Sirenen‘, the successful Cradle of Haze story continues. The album is partly personal experiences, sometimes social criticism, which we are exposed to every day“, says Eligehausen, the creative head of Cradle of Haze.


  1. Kinder der Nacht
  2. Alphatier
  3. Kein Ideal
  4. Sternenlicht
  5. Ohne dich
  6. Sirenen
  7. Lied 07
  8. Vagabunden
  9. Seine Sicht
  10. Seid ihr bereit
  11. Kellerspiele
  12. Lobotomie
  13. Du schmeckst so gut
  14. Hannahs Song

Parallel zur Veröffentlichung erscheint auch ein Remix Album, das sieben der 14 Songs als Remixe enthält.

Within the release of the Album, there will also be a Remix Release, that contains seven of the 14 Songs as remix versions.



  1. Kinder der Nacht (Narcotic Elements Remix)
  2. Alphatier (Narcotic Elements Remix)
  3. Kein Ideal (Narcotic Elements Remix)
  4. Sternenlicht (Narcotic Elements Remix)
  5. Sirenen (Narcotic Elements Remix)
  6. Kellerspiele (Narcotic Elements Remix)
  7. Du schmeckst so gut (Narcotic Elements Remix)

Die Alben erscheinen am15. September 2017 via darkSIGN Records und stehen auf allen gängigen Musikplattformen zur Verfügung. Das Hauptalbum ist auch als Audio CD verfügbar.

The albums appears on September 15, 2017 via darkSIGN Records and are available on all popular music platforms. The main album is also available as an audio CD.


All music, lyrics, instruments, vocals, mix/master by Thorsten Eligehausen

Backing vocals by Anni Meier

Special guest: Marc Vanderberg (guitar solo on Hannahs Song)

Cradle of Haze Discography:

  1. Unreal ( 1999 Album)
  2. Eve (2001 Album)
  3. The Treasure Trove (2002 Album)
  4. In the Name of the Cross (2003 Album)
  5. Wahrheit (2005 Album)
  6. Silent Echos (2006 Album)
  7. Fake (2007 Album)
  8. I Fall Behind (2008 Album)
  9. Island of the Sun (2009 Album)
  10. Witch Hunter (2011 Album)
  11. Kleid aus Glas (2013 EP)
  12. Hand in Hand (2015 EP)
  13. Sirenen (2017 Album)









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Marc Vanderberg released second album `Highway Demon`

Marc Vanderberg veröffentlicht zweites Album `Highway Demon`


Das zweite Album des deutschen Hard-Rock-Gitarristen Marc Vanderberg wird ab dem 07. September 2017 auf den führenden Streaming Plattformen sowie im Internet als Download zur Verfügung stehen. Das Album beinhaltet neun Rocksongs und ein Instrumentalstück.


Der Release erfolgt über darkSIGN Records. Für den Mix und das Mastering zeichnet Thorsten Eligehausen, CEO von darkSIGN Records, verantwortlich



Marc Vanderberg released second album `Highway Demon`


The second album of the German hard rock guitarist Marc Vanderberg will be available from September 07, 2017 on the leading streaming platforms as well as on the Internet as a download. The album includes nine Rocksongs and one instrumental piece.


The song will is published via darkSIGN Records. Thorsten Eligehausen, CEO of darkSIGN Records, is responsible for the mix and mastering.



  1. Highway Demon
  2. Blue Eyes
  3. Bad Paradise
  4. The Last Battle
  5. How Do You Feel
  6. Indispensible
  7. You´re Like Poison
  8. When I Turn the Key
  9. Final Chapter
  10. Total Eclipse (Instrumental)



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